Dealing with mountains of paper files or numerous conflicting data formats is time consuming and frustrating. Paper is costly and slow. It requires an allocation of expensive square footage and a lot of time to manage and access. Document and file management is not going anywhere, but there are more efficient and cost effective methods to deal with the overwhelming process.


Electronic Efficiency:

At Comprehensive Microfilm & Scanning Services Inc., we transform your existing paper files or your archival microfiche, microfilm or aperture cards into a more cost effective, rapidly searchable small storage solution. Reclaim that dead office space cluttered by file cabinets and boxes and turn it back into a revenue generating area. In regard to time and hassle, electronic searching is fast and easy. Eliminate time wasted looking through shelves, drawers, and boxes full of records to locate one piece of paper. Have all of that data at your fingertips within a few simple keystrokes. No bulky equipment required. Basically, all you need is a computer to view all of your records in your system.


Backfile Conversion and Duplication:

We specialize in modernizing your firm into the digital age. Our team can upconvert your old outmoded file systems and data to fully searchable digital copies of the original information. The modern legally approved digital format is an archival representation of your business's vital information. Additionally, a digitally scanned image provides a duplicate for your existing records in order to provide redundant copies and ensure that crucial data is never lost.


How We Can Help:

Comprehensive Microfilm & Scanning Services, Inc. offers a multitude of services related to the data storage industry. A few examples of our core competencies are as follows:

  • Document Conversion: Scanning and Microfilm Services

  • Digital Scanning: Hardware and Software Sales

  • Data: Conversion and Modernization

  • Data: Indexing and Data Entry

  • Microfilm: Equipment and Supply Sales

  • Microfilm: Processing and Duplication Services


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